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The Ferme du Petit Gué du Roi is the farm adjoining the Estate. We breed on a dozen hectares of American horses, the famous paint horses celebrated by the Indians in Cowboy movies with their color spots. They live in the meadow all year round, in a herd, and establish between them a very precise hierarchy with a mare of Boulogne trait as chief and 2 donkeys as mascots. Please note that if we offer as an activity to feed the horses or go on a walking tour with a donkey, we do not offer horse riding.

Our equestrian activities

  • Feeding horses and donkeys Our Ferme du Petit Gué du Roi offers you bread, carrots or apples to feed the animals; parents must accompany their children and agree to follow basic safety rules, including not entering the electrically fenced parks. Free service to book the day before subject to availability and weather conditions.

  • Walking around with a donkey Our Ferme du Petit Gué du Roi offers you the opportunity to lend you its Charlot donkey for a 30-minute walk; it will then be the responsibility of the parents, who must accompany their children and agree to follow basic safety rules, including not riding the animal. Free service to book the day before subject to availability and weather conditions.
  • Baptism as a child at the Pony Club of 5 Arpents in Cléry Saint André at 1 kmSupervised by an instructor, your child will learn for 30 minutes to approach the pony, to stroke it, to brush it, to saddle it before going for a ride around the club; he will then receive a nice diploma. Rue des 5 Arpents By reservation on 06 07 13 35 40.


The Domaine du Gué du Roi is directly located on the route of the European Route D'Artagnan, a new equestrian route which connects the places of birth, Lupiac, and of death, Maastricht, of the famous Gascon musketeer through 6 countries of the European Union, passing through the important places in his real or fictionalized life, for example the Castle of Meung sur Loire which welcomed him in the work of Alexandre Dumas. In France, the Route includes 6 routes, 3 of which pass directly in front of the Estate:the Royal Route at the service of Louis XIV which passes through Auch, Paris and Lille in blue, the Route des Cardinaux in the footsteps of Richelieu and Mazarin via Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Nantes, Blois and Paris in bordeaux, and the Pinerolo Route for stop and keep Fouquet by Nantes, Tours, Fontainebleau, Vaux le Vicomte, Sainte Croix and Pinerolo in Italy in purple. We can thus welcome riders and horses by reservation for a well-deserved stage in roaming or by a star trip with the discovery of other hiking trails between Loire and Sologne such as the Historical Trail of the Valley of the Kings.


  • Equestrian Show Discover in the old stables of the Maréchal de Saxe the show "François 1er, le roi chevalier" which mixes for the pleasure of young and big acrobatics, waterfalls, fights between valiant knights and valiant steeds. And the raptors are also there! From April to September, twice a day.

  • Horse-drawn carriage ride Walk the paths of the park to the rhythm of a team and set off to meet the flora and fauna in the private parts of the estate. You may see deer, roe deer, wild boar or osprey there who will be approached by the peaceful draft horses. In July and August, several departures per day.

  • Horse ride Go on horseback at dawn or dusk to observe between initiates (2-3 people) the wild fauna of the Chambord National Reserve, forbidden to the general public. From April to November.

  • Horse riding The Domaine de Chambord is open to riders who have previously requested authorization (e-mail to be sent to, specifying the date desired).Riders and horses can then take the bridleways subject to their "practicability", in particular the Route François 1er and Route de la Commission from the west, for unforgettable gallops. All year.


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Looking for authenticity and nature? Bike rides are made for you! Whether you are alone, as a couple, with friends or with your family, the Loiret, PLAT territory, offers you 155 kilometers of cycle paths fitted out and marked along the Loire or nearby. Go by bicycle towards the surrounding villages and towns: the Domaine du Gué du Roiis by bike 5 minutes from Cléry Saint André, 20 minutes from Meung sur Loire, 40 minutes from Beaugency and 1 hour from Orléans. Or take a breath of fresh air through the countryside and the forest from the Domaine du Gué du Roi thanks to Loiret Balades and its loops: for example, "De Cléry à la Butte des Elus" 2h / easy, "Entre Vignes and Orchards, from Loire to Loiret "1h15 / easy," On the Land of Louis XI "50 minutes / easy. We are labeled ACCUEIL VELO and offer a bicycle rental service on site.

Home bike

  • Shelter your equipment Several solutions are available free of charge: leave your bikes inside the enclosure, shelter your bikes under the barn, lock your bikes in the stables. We accept no responsibility for loss, damage or theft.

  • Take advantage of our small equipment The Ferme du Petit Gué du Roi provides you with small equipment to repair and protect yourself: tools, repair kit, pumps, lubricant, garden hose, brush, helmets, bags, padlocks, baby seat for child from 1 to 4 years old (under full responsibility of parents).

  • Rent bikes on site The Ferme du Petit Gué du Roi offers you the rental of Vélo Tout Chemin for family use. For an adult, 20 € the day, 15 € the half-day. Deposit of 100 € per bike. No child bike rental.


The Domaine du Gué du Roi is located 1 km from the Loire à Vélo route which connects Nevers to Nantes over more than 800 km, the westernmost section of Eurovélo n ° 6 (road between the Black Sea and Atlantic).This unique itinerary allows you to discover all the beauties of the last wild river in Europe, its banks, its islands, its vineyards, its typical towns and villages and of course its many castles. It is landscaped, signposted and secure and uses cycle lanes, old towpaths and roads with little traffic. Traffic is in both directions, very pleasant and easy. The section which concerns us is that between Orléans and Blois via Chambord over 97.5 km; it is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, where the Loire is royal ... Count by bike 1 hour from Orleans and 2 hours from Blois. We can accommodate by reservation all cyclists roaming along the Loire à Vélo or in a multi-day stay formula. We are referenced ACCUEIL VELO and recommended by the guide LE ROUTARD LOIRE A VELO.


  • La Grande Promenade Take the 23 km of cycle paths open all year round and called La Grande Promenade to discover an exceptional green setting classified as Natura 2000, Historic Monument and World Heritage of UNESCO, and benefit from unique viewpoints on the castle. Move away from the castle to discover the Paisanderie or Bonshommes ponds, the big ditch or the Ormetrou vines.

  • Bicycle rental If you do not have the legs of great athletes, Chambord being still 2 hours by bike from the Domaine du Gué du Roi by the Loire à Vélo, we recommend that you hire bikes on site. For adults and children, hourly or half-day packages are available at a reasonable price, including helmets and map of the area.

  • Rosalies rentalEven more fun than bikes with a capacity of 4 to 6 people, try the Rosalies with your family, these funny little carts on wheels. A 4.2 km circuit allows you to tour the castle along the Canal du Cosson. The fully laid out route is really pleasant and very easy. Rental by the hour.

  • Parking and Luggage Storage If you come to Chambord with your own bikes, you have 2 free parking lots at the entrance to visit the interior of the château with luggage storage facilities. Otherwise, you can, still free of charge, cycle around the area, including around the castle grounds, and enjoy a picnic on the park lawns or in the areas provided for this purpose.


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Simple stroller or experienced hiker, the Loiret stretches your arms, in particular our country Sologne Val Sud. The south bank of the Loire will offer you its Royal Basilica, but also its vineyards, orchards and other vegetable crops. Then direction Sologne with its pines, heather heaths, sandy paths and ponds in strings. Something to awaken all your senses! The Domaine du Gué du Roi is in itself a small summary of this wealth with its dozen hectares. All around, you will have a wide choice between:

  • major hiking trails such as the GR 655 East Sentier de Saint Jacques de Compostelle and the GRP Historic Trail of the Valley of the Kings between Orléans and Chambord,
  • thematic routes accessible of course on foot, the Loire by bike and the European Route D'Artagnan,
  • PR (Promenade et Randonnée) which offer loops between 1 and 6 hours of walking,
  • nature trails with educational panels such as the "Isles Discovery Trail" in Mareau aux Prés,
  • unusual strolls such as the "Blue Water Tour" in Tavers or the "Promenade des Moulins" in Olivet.
All these circuits are detailed on Loiret Balades .


The Domaine du Gué du Roi is located 1 km from the Camino de Santiago de Compostela via Tours, known as Via Turonensis, which departs from Paris via Orléans and Tours to reach Saint Jean Pied de Port after some 1,000 km.The GR 655 East makes a stopover in Cléry Saint André, a major pilgrimage site with its Royal Basilica, a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic that houses a magnificent chapel dedicated to Saint Jacques, before finding the GR 3 between Meung sur Loire and Beaugency . This mythical route, also called the Grand Chemin de Saint Jacques, is considered the easiest because it is very pleasant and without a big drop with beautiful architectural surprises. We will be delighted to welcome all the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela for a well-deserved rest.


  • More than 20 km of trails With an area of over 5,440 hectares, the Chambord estate is a Mecca of French natural heritage which is home to abundant flora and fauna of very high quality.Most of it remains in controlled access to preserve the tranquility essential to the preservation of its biodiversity. However, the 23 km of marked and developed trails are available to walkers around the castle, along the canal or in the undergrowth; they are decorated with observatories, pontoons and educational panels.

  • Observatories The Domaine has no less than 11 observatories with free access in its public part, most of them along the François 1er road or the Commission road. Ideal places to open your ears and observe the fauna and the flora, especially if you have binoculars. The largest are those of the Gabillère, the Piece of Oak, the Ricaninière, the Rond Béatrix and can accommodate around forty people; discover others while having fun withGeocaching .

  • Nature activities Take advantage of an experienced guide to enter the reserved part of the domain or to play detectives and pick up the clues left by the animals; in groups of 20 people maximum. Only July and August.

  • Brame of the Deer In the mating season, come and listen with a forest guide the owner of the place under the shelter of a watchtower installed in the area closed to the public. From mid-September to mid-October by reservation from April.

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