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Domaine du Gué du Roi Mesure 5 Activités Nature 29Apr


As part of the 5 key anti-Covid 19 measures that we are implementing from May 11 to continue to welcome you as well as possible, we present our commitments for MEASURE 5: TASTE OUR NATURE ACTIVITIES.

1. Buller in the garden.

Each accommodation has a private garden with deckchairs.
What allow our guests to put their toes in a fan, read a good book or listen to the little birds ...
2. Caring for horses and donkeys.
Feed the animals while respecting barrier gestures for men, not beasts!
Take a walk with our Charlot donkey (see our options).
3. Stroll on the paths.
The Estate is surrounded by numerous hiking trails: the great classics GR 655 Est Sentier de Saint Jacques de Compostelle and GRP Historic Trail of the Valley of the Kings between Orléans and Chambord that our guests can take in part, and the PR (Promenade et Randonnée) ) which offer itineraries between 1 and 6 hours of walking, available on Loiret Balades .
For example, from the Domaine, "Entre Vignes et Vergers" 1h15 / easy.
4. Ride a bicycle.
Go hair in the wind direction Loire or Sologne.
Bike rental on site with disinfection between 2 uses (see our options).
5. Visit the surrounding gardens
Good news: the government has announced the gradual reopening from May 11 of small parks and gardens, but also that of small museums and castles in our green department! The opportunity to take the Route de la Rose starting at the Parc Floral d'Orléans La Source , then stopping at the Jardins de Roquelin   in Meung Sur Loire (also Arlexetum d'Ilex to visit). Unless you take the opportunity to discover the Castles of Meung sur Loire andLa Ferté Saint Aubin who open their gates from May 16, or go for a stroll in the park of the Château de Chambord (open domain, but castle still closed).
And when the strawberries and other red fruits come up, run to the Jardins du Paré in Cléry Saint André for picking up on the spot.
Find the 10 places to visit with the constraint of 100 km HERE .

More than ever, the lines of Ronsard will accompany the stay of our guests: "Cute, let's see if the rose Which this morning had opened its purple dress in the Sun, Point lost cestres vesppré The folds of her purple dress, And her complexion like yours. "
Domaine du Gué du Roi Mesure 4 Proposition de Repas 28Apr


As part of the 5 key anti-Covid 19 measures that we are putting in place from May 11 to continue to welcome you as well as possible, we present our commitments for MEASURE 4: OFFER ON-SITE RESTORATION.

1. Take advantage of the kitchens available in each accommodation.

With the exception of the chapel guest rooms.
These accommodations have a fully equipped kitchen or kitchen area with dishes, cooking utensils and household products.
2. Offer homemade meals as options.
For breakfasts: full platters and croissant baskets / butter / jam.
For other meals, starter / salad / dessert trays and picnic baskets.
To order at least the day before (see our options).
3. Prepare these meals in an independent semi-professional kitchen.
With the exception of breakfasts for La Chapelle guest rooms which will be prepared in our family kitchen, all other meals will be prepared in a semi-professional independent kitchen.
The reinforced health protocol described in measure 1 will be implemented, including the wearing of gloves.
4. Provide meals in disposable disposable tableware.
Guests with a kitchen will be invited to use and wash the classic dishes in their accommodation if they wish.
5. Deliver meals with a contactless procedure.
Meals will be placed in trays in front of the accommodation door.
We will ask our guests to put their trays outside at the end of their meal.
6. If possible, select local products for 100% homemade.
We work with local partners such as the Boulangerie de Léa and the Jardins du Paré in Cléry Saint André.
We are committed to preparing simple and family dishes, fresh and homemade
7. Open the store of local products.
By respecting the sanitary instructions, starting with a display cabinet to avoid self-service.
Our Petit Gué du Roi Farm offers a local and artisanal selection ofjams, cakes, sausages, spreads, oils, vinegars, mustards, syrups, fruit juices, beers and wines. A small piece of our terroir for gourmet and convivial aperitifs or snacks.
Also on sale are baskets of fruit or vegetables from Les Jardins du Paré (see our options).
8. Keep you informed of other catering solutions at Cléry Saint André.
To date, the Villa des Bordes, semi-gastronomic restaurant, Hop'la Pizza and Jessy's Burger offer take-out or delivery options.
Lebesne charcuterie (specialist in smoked rillettes) and the Intermarché supermarket are also open.
9. Awaken your 5 senses.
Taste above all ...

We will do our best to help our guests to feast on Good, Fresh, Homemade and if possible Local.
Domaine du Gué du Roi Mesure 3 Protection 27Apr


As part of the 5 key anti-Covid 19 measures that we are implementing from May 11 to continue to welcome you as well as possible, we present our commitments for MEASURE 3: HELP OUR HOSTS TO PROTECT.

1. Equip each sink and sink with a liquid soap dispenser in all accommodation.

Washing your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds is a very effective barrier to avoid contaminating your mouth, nose and eyes with your hands potentially in contact with the covid.
Wipers for wiping will also be provided.
2. Provide our guests with all the equipment necessary to clean and disinfect during the stay.
Each accommodation will thus be equipped with household products: multi-surface liquid, anti-scale product, window cleaner, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid, diluted bleach bottle (0.25l of bleach concentrated with 2.6% active chlorine for 1l of water), as well as a set of paper accessories to be discarded after each use: paper towel, rags, towels, wipes, mops.
We thank our guests for not using pure bleach, especially in the toilets, vs our natural septic tank.
3. Encourage our guests to ventilate their accommodation every day.
Depending on the weather of course and taking care not to leave everything open in case of prolonged absence.
4. Encourage our guests to empty the bins every day.
Spare bags will be made available in each accommodation.
The deposit of the trash cans in their container also allows a nice ride on a small bucolic path among the horses ...
5. Recommend wearing a mask to our hosts.
Today, due to stock issues, we are unable to provide each accommodation in a disposable mask.
We also thank our hosts for coming with their own, if necessary in fabric and for using them for their outdoor outings.
6. In case of symptoms, consult a health professional.
We are fortunate to be located only 5 minutes from the Cléry Saint André Health Center and 15 minutes from the Orléans Regional Hospital Center if necessary.

We will do our best to help our guests and our family protect themselves while having a pleasant stay with us.
Domaine du Gué du Roi Mesure 2 Distanciation 26Apr


As part of the 5 key anti-Covid 19 measures that we are putting in place from May 11 to continue to welcome you as well as possible, we present our commitments for MEASURE 2: PROMOTING SOCIAL DISTANCIATION.

1. Take advantage of the independence of our accommodation.

Our 5 reception areas (the Barn, the Dovecote, the Caravan, the Chapel and the Stables) are all independent and at least 20 meters apart.
Our family home is also independent of these 5 places of reception.
Each guest can therefore benefit from PRIVATE accommodation and a garden.
2. Disinfect the common grids.
The Domaine du Gué du Roi has 2 independent entrances, each with a grid, the opening of which will be disinfected twice a day.
In the event of a crossing, compliance with a social distance of 2m will be required.
3. Redevelop the outbuildings of the Chapel.
La Chapelle accommodates 2 guest rooms on the same landing but with doors spaced 5m apart.
The living room and the garden will be rearranged to create 2 separate spaces:for breakfast, 2 tables 2m apart vs a large table and for the garden, 2 different garden lounges.
As far as possible, the common rooms will be permanently ventilated and a disinfection of the entrance (handles, guardrail) will be carried out every 2 hours between 8h and 20h.
In the event of a crossing, compliance with a social distance of 2m will be required.
4. Welcome with a mask.
Limit the number of guests to only one person, the owner.
Respect a social distance of 2m.
Keep smiling, under the mask and in the eyes!
5. Do not enter the accommodation during the stay of the guests.
Accompany guests to the entrance of their accommodation and let them discover the interior alone.
Except in an emergency, do not enter the accommodation during the stay.
If necessary, packages or garbage cans can be left at the foot of the doors.

We will do our best to promote social distancing for the benefit of our guests and our family.Of course we will remain available to advise you and help you enjoy your stay with us.
Ménage Covid 19 25Apr


As part of the 5 key anti-Covid 19 measures that we are implementing from May 11 to continue to welcome you as well as possible, we present our commitments for MEASURE 1: STRENGTHENING OUR HEALTH PROTOCOL.

1. Ventilate the accommodation before cleaning it.
Let the fresh air circulate and, if possible, leave all the windows open between the departure of the hosts and the arrival of the following.
To facilitate this ventilation, we thank our hosts for respecting the times: departure before 10:30 am and arrival after 5:00 pm.
2. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after cleaning each accommodation and wear gloves.
Use soap and water while rubbing for at least 20 seconds.
Use disposable gloves and dispose of them after each accommodation.
3. Clean, then disinfect.
Cleaning involves using soap or detergent with water to remove dirt, impurities and germs.
Disinfection involves using chemicals or alcohol to kill germs.
Doing both is the best way to reduce the spread of the virus.
4. Use suitable household equipment.
Use paper accessories that will be discarded after each accommodation: paper towels, rags, towels, wipes, mops.
Disinfect other accessories such as broom, vacuum cleaner in each accommodation.
Use diluted bleach as a disinfectant (0.25l of bleach concentrated with 2.6% active chlorine per 1l of water) or cleaning products with at least 70% alcohol and forget about white vinegar .
Do not transport household equipment from one accommodation to another.
5. Emphasize frequently used items.
In particular, disinfect keys, switches, door and fridge handles, railings, remote controls, taps, soap dispensers, window sills and handles, trash cans.
6. Wash bed and household linen at high temperature and air dry
This includes duvet covers, pillow cases, towels, bath rugs, tea towels and tablecloths. We will allow ourselves to suggest to our guests who wish to put all this laundry in a large trash bag before their departure.
Disinfect the laundry baskets and washing machine between 2 cleanings.
7. Remove the decorative elements.
The cushions, rugs, throws and trinkets will be removed.
1 curtain out of 2 will be kept at each window to allow rotation with the other, they will be ventilated and disinfected.
8. Check the cleaning checklist for each accommodation.
9. One person to enter the accommodation and ensure this reinforced health protocol.
We are committed to ensuring that only the owner of the Estate ensures this reinforced health protocol without any family and outside help.

We will do our best to strengthen our health protocol even if it means doubling the duration of the cleaning, for the benefit of our guests and our family.Cleaning and disinfection will be provided at the start and end of the stay, not during.
Domaine du Gué du Roi 5 mesures anti Covid 19 24Apr


Pending more specific government recommendations for deconfinement, we have decided to implement from May 11, 2020 a series of 5 key measures throughout the Gué du Roi area to best protect our guests and our family, and allow everyone to enjoy the present moment with the humble ambition of sharing together an invitation to travel all Baudelerian: " The setting suns cover the fields ... There, everything is only order and beauty , peace, voluptuousness. "

It is therefore full of hope and pragmatism that we were largely inspired by the recommendations of AirBnB to commit today to you on:
MEASURE 1: strengthen our health protocol
MEASURE 2: promote social distancing
MEASURE 3: Help our guests protect themselves

MEASURE 4: offer on-site catering
MEASURE 5: taste our nature activities

We will detail each of these measures in the coming days. They can of course change over time based on the latest announcements and our daily experience.